Disruptions to mobility around Via Laietana in the coming weeks

Mobility will be affected in Pg. Colom and Pg. Isabel II, Pl. Correus and Pl. Idresa Diallo, from 26 February to 19 April. The work to remodel Via Laietana continues in the section between Pl. Antoni Maura and Pg. Colom, causing various disruptions in these areas. New pedestrian crossings will be created during this stage of the work in Pg. Colom and Pg. Isabel II, as well as the respective service junctions.

27/02/2024 10:03 h

Ecologia Urbana

Disruptions in Pg. Colom and Pg. Isabel II

The work will occupy one traffic lane in Pg. Isabel II on the side nearest the mountains, between Via Laietana and Pla de Palau, leaving two lanes operational. A lane in Pg. Colom will also be occupied, as will the pedestrian routes of Pl. Idrisa Diallo and Pl. Correus. Alternative pedestrian routes will be indicated with signs, and two lanes of circulation will remain operational at all times in the final section of Via Laietana.

On the side nearest the sea in these streets, part of the pavements will be occupied, as will a traffic lane in Pg. Colom and the service lane in Pg. Isabel II, between C/ Pas sota Muralla and C/ Llauder. In Pg. Colom, only two lanes in the direction of the Llobregat will remain operational. In Pg. Isabel II, both traffic lanes will remain operational, with only the service lane occupied.

There will also be changes in the configuration of the roundabout in Pla de Palau, with left turns operational while the right-hand lane will become a bus lane.

Disruptions over the weekend of 30 and 31 March

The work on service junctions in Pg. Colom and Pl. Correus mean that over the last weekend in March, only one lane of traffic will be operating in each direction in both Pg. Colom and Pg. Isabel II.

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