An additional hundred thousand Bonus Consum shopping vouchers available

The vouchers can be downloaded from 20 December and must be used before the year is out. A budget of one million euros has been allocated, on top of the three million invested in the Bonus Consum vouchers made available in October and which have now run out. Over 1,700 shops and businesses now form part of this initiative. The districts with the most participating establishments are L’Eixample, Sant Martí and Sants-Montjuïc.

04/12/2021 09:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new Bonus Consum vouchers will be available to people from 20 December and come in addition to the 217,000 already exchanged and the 62,300 reserved and still to be used. If these vouchers expire without being used, they will be freed up so that other people interested in benefitting from the initiative have the chance to reserve them until the new batch of 100,000 vouchers becomes available.

At the same time, people with vouchers still to be used can go and spend them at any of the 1,700 plus establishments taking part. The districts with the most participating establishments are L’Eixample, Sant Martí and Sants-Montjuïc.

To find out which establishments are participating, check the BCN Market website. You can also reserve and purchase items from home and collect them at the shop or get them home delivered.

Multiplying effect to stimulate local consumption

The initiative seeks to stimulate the local consumption of products, services and hospitality. It comes within the framework of measures for reactivating commerce in the city, one of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic. The vouchers have a multiplying effect for consumption in the city, as the ten euros invested by the City Council generates at least another ten euros in spending by citizens.

How do they work?

The Bonus Consum vouchers work in a very simple way. Anybody interested should access BCNMarket to reserve the voucher, which is worth twenty euros, and download it. Using the voucher and a personal identity document they can go to any establishment taking part and purchase the product or service they want using the voucher.

Only one voucher can be used per purchase and the exchange period is 15 days. Once that time runs out, the voucher expires. Every consumer can get up to three vouchers.



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