Analysis of power cuts in the city in recent months

The last two months, coinciding with the festive period and some very cold weeks, have seen 31 power cuts in the city. The worst hit districts are Ciutat Vella (with 9) and Nou Barris (6). The data was compiled after various meetings with the electricity company Endesa.

12/02/2021 15:45 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Most incidents occurred as a result of the state of the power network, particularly owing to unprotected low-voltage power lines and cabling issues. In some cases this meant the network had to be reconfigured, causing saturation problems as a result.

The vast majority of power cuts were resolved swiftly, with the exception of one in the neighbourhood of Torre Baró, where a more complex solution is required and will involve a change to cabling and the renewal of the sub-station.

A shock plan has been devised with the supply company to achieve lasting solutions through the renewal and strengthening of the network, ensuring the correct provision of the service in the city. A series of measures have been defined which are already under way or will be implemented in the coming days, starting in Ciutat Vella and Nou Barris. The specific areas of work are:

Ciutat Vella

  • C/ Salvador, C/ Sant Antoni Abad and C/ Cendra
  • C/ Cera and Riera and Rambla del Raval
  • C/ Reina Amàlia
  • C/ Hospital and Pg. Bernardí Martorell
  • C/ Riera Baixa, C/ Picalquers, C/ Carme, C/ Hospital, C/ Joaquim Costa and C/ Malnom
  • Rambla del Raval
  • C/ Ginebra, C/ Safareigs, C/ Mariners, C/ Sal, C/ Doctor Giner i Partagàs, C/ Andrea Dòria, C/ Vila Joiosa, C/ Alcanar, C/ Salamanca, C/ Proclamació, C/ La Maquinista, C/ Sant Josep and C/ Santa Lluïsa de Marillac
  • C/ Hostal d’en Sol, C/ Gignàs and C/ Groc

Nou Barris

  • C/ Aiguablava, C/ Portlligat and C/ Fosca
  • C/ Joaquim Valls and C/ Les Borges Blanques
  • C/ Castellví, C/ Lliçà, C/ Castell d’Argençola and C/ Sant Feliu de Codines
  • C/ Sant Feliu de Codines and C/ Oris
  • C/ Teide and C/ Cadí
  • Also, the complex work to change cabling and renew the sub-station.

To help people affected by these power cuts and help them lodge claims with the supply company, the Municipal Office for Consumer Information (OMIC) offers a specific service by phone on 934 027 594 (9 am to 2 pm) and by email, at The service has already provided support for 41 people.


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