Definitive approval for the new tax on terraces

The Full Council has definitively approved the amendment to the by-law regulating the tax on terraces. The amendment does away with the current discount of 75%, introduced during the pandemic, and brings in a new scaled version of the tax approved in December 2019. The system means that the establishments with the most tables and chairs and occupying the most public space will pay the most.

26/01/2024 12:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The criterion on terrace locations remains, but the amount to pay is calculated as a progressive tax where the cost of each table varies and increases on larger terraces. The system uses bands, increasing for every five tables and applying a coefficient calculation starting at 0,30 and rising in bands to 0,80.

The new system eases the tax effort in this sector from a forecast of 8 million euros to 4 million, responding to the families and small businesses in the restaurant sector. The elimination of the 75% discount, brought in to mitigate ethe effects of Covid between 2020 and 2023, means ethe annual revenue from this tax should double the currently figure of just over 2 million euros.

Once the agreement is published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona, the by-law will come into force and take retroactive effect from 1 January. News item updated on 26/1/2024.