Barcelona’s year-long presidency of the network of Machado cities gets under way

The presidency of the network of Machado cities passes to a new city as from today. Barcelona takes over as the head of this network made up of the cities of Baeza, Madrid, Segovia, Sevilla and Soria, and the towns of Rocafort (Valencia) and Colliure (France). The goal of the network is to promote dissemination and knowledge about the life and work of Antonio Machado.

08/05/2024 15:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The network (Red de Ciudades Machadianas) has a rotating year-long presidency. During that time, the city in question takes on the role of organising various activities linked to the figure of the author, who moved to Barcelona in 1938 and took up residence in a house in Passeig de la Bonanova, his last residence before being forced into exile.

Notable initiatives by the network include literary residency grants, travelling exhibitions, the publication of books and in particular, the Aula Juan de Mairena, a project to disseminate the vision of the poet about society, culture, art, literature, education, politics and philosophy.

As a member of the machadiana network, Barcelona has so far released publications such as the book Antonio Machado a Barcelona (1938-39). Articles a La Vanguardia (2021). The city also presented the volume Las ciudades de Machado and installed a plaque in honour of the writer at the Mercat de Canyelles, located in C/ Antonio Machado in the district of Nou Barris.


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