Barcelona is to be the World Capital of Sustainable Food in 2021

18/01/2021 11:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona is playing host this year to the 7th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Global Forum, the first international city pact on food, underlining the strategic role of cities in the development of sustainable food systems.

The city will therefore become the 2021 World Capital of Sustainable Food, in a year that will see the implementation of over ninety projects and policies promoting sustainable food and a programme that will extend from the start of the year to December.

Throughout 2021, and besides providing the setting to the Milan Pact’s global summit of cities:

  • It will be playing host and providing support to a series of events and initiatives, both in the city and in the metropolitan area, with sustainable, fair-trade and healthy food as their cornerstone.
  • It will be implementing food policies and projects to position the Barcelona metropolis as a benchmark in this area.
  • It will be constructing a food-policy strategy looking to 2030.