Barcelona Medals of Honour approved for 2022

The Full Council has unanimously approved the twenty-five Barcelona Gold Medals for 2022, a distinction given by the city to individuals or organisations that have helped develop public awareness and civic virtues and values.

22/07/2022 17:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Five of the medals are awarded at a city level and the other twenty in accordance with proposals from the districts.

The medals awarded by the city in 2022 go to:

  • Emilia Giménez, Lita Claver, la Maña, for her artistic and business career in the world of theatre and music halls.
  • Empar Pineda, in recognition of her feminist struggle for women’s sexual and reproductive rights and as an activist for LGBTI rights.
  • Pedro Clarós, for her professional career in the field of otorhinolaryngology, also applied in her social work for third world countries.
  • Jordi Raich, for his work as an expert in humanitarian aid, research and dissemination.
  • SOS Racisme, for their human rights work spanning over 25 years, promoting anti-racist action, proposed by the Municipal Council Assembly.

The medals from the District Councils go to:

Ciutat Vella

  • Escola Baixeras, in its centenary year, in recognition of its education community.
  • Mercè Amor, in recognition of her personal and political path, working for social justice, and her link and commitment to the neighbourhood of El Raval.


  • The association La Merienda, for its work to integrate people at risk of social exclusion, through emotional support, guidance and labour insertion.
  • Josep M. Conesa, for his link of more than 40 years with the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, devoted to developing ties with local associations.


  • Concepció Pérez , for her local activism with the Hostafrancs local residents’ and retailers association.
  • Unió Esportiva de Sants, in its centenary year, for its work to educate through sport and for its firm roots in the district.

Les Corts

  • Associació de veïns de Zona Universitària, in recognition for their campaigning and their achievements in improving life in the neighbourhood.
  • Colla de Diables i Timbalers d’Itaca, for their work to rally children and families around Catalan traditions and with fire culture as their standard.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

  • Josep Arisa, for his contribution to the knowledge and dissemination of heritage and the history of the Farró neighbourhood and the district.
  • Casa d’Espiritualitat Sant Felip Neri-Fundació Valors, for its work and social and human influence in the spheres of spirituality, education, health, art and social cohesion.


  • Sonsoles Santís, in recognition of her work linked to social, community and artistic activities and neighbourliness in the district.
  • Grup Atra, for their social work to help people going through difficult moments in their lives, plus their work towards inclusion and the fight against stigmas.


  • Unió Atlètica d’Horta, in its centenary year, for its work towards people’s comprehensive training and education through the values of sport.
  • El Pou. Grup d’Estudis de la Vall d’Horta i la Muntanya Pelada, for its work to promote and defend the history and heritage of the neighbourhoods in the district.

Nou Barris

  • Fundación Adapta2, for its work to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, using sports as a means of personal and collective affirmation.
  • Associació de Comerciants de Zona Nord, for its involvement in the neighbourhood, creating cohesion through commerce.

Sant Andreu

  • Associació per a la Defensa de la Gent Gran (ADEGG), for its work promoting the rights of the elderly and combatting discrimination against people on the grounds of age.
  • Montserrat Llopart, in recognition of her commitment and fight to improve conditions for life in the neighbourhood of Trinitat Vella.

Sant Martí

  • Francisco Narváez, for his career as a municipal chief linked to the district.
  • Coordinadora d’Entitats del Poblenou, in recognition of its leadership and work to foster the network of associations in Poblenou and the Coordination of popular and traditional festivities.


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