Barcelona’s registered population grows again

The trend from the last two years breaks, with population figures for the city bouncing back to reach 1,656,725 inhabitants. The increase in the figures for the city’s register of residents, measured by the Municipal Data Office (OMD), shows that from January to October 2022 the city’s register grew by 16,744 people, a stable growth of 1% and a moderate upward trend.

12/02/2023 10:04 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

By area, the number of inhabitants has risen in all districts over the course of the year, with growth oscillating between 0.1% (Ciutat Vella) and 1.7% (Nou Barris).

In terms of the registered population, by nationality there are no significant variations compared to earlier months: Spanish nationals represents 76.8% of the resident population, while EU citizens account for 6.4% and non-EU citizens account for 16.8% of the total.

All these data are open to everybody and available in spreadsheet format.

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