Boost to Barcelona’s libraries under the new master plan

Barcelona’s library network is expected to have 45 facilities by 2030, five more than it has at present. This is part of the new Barcelona Libraries Master Plan for 2030, which sets out the roadmap for the coming years of the cultural service with the highest ratings from the city’s residents.

21/11/2022 14:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new Barcelona Libraries Master Plan for 2030 incorporates links between cultural action and strategic areas such as education, sustainability, science, feminism, interculturality, innovation and technology, among other things, that are established under the Barcelona Cultural Rights Plan. The incorporation of the necessary mechanisms is therefore provided for, so that these facilities reflect social diversity in all its aspects, whether it’s to do with groups, with criteria for employing individuals or with activities.

The plan will be boosting libraries as the main local cultural service for promoting reading and knowledge in the city, through four strategic areas:

  1. Right of access to information and the generation of knowledge
  2. Right to reading, writing and oral expression. Right to artistic participation
  3. Right to education, ongoing training and cultural literacy
  4. Right to equal access to culture and knowledge and to cultural participation

More libraries, expansions and transfers

The Barcelona Libraries network is expected to have 45 public libraries by 2030, representing an increase of 22,723 m2, through the construction of five new facilities:

  • Biblioteca Sarrià (1.255 m2) (2023)
  • Biblioteca Prosperitat Ideal Plàstica Flor (2023-2027)
  • Biblioteca La Marina del Prat Vermell (2027-2031)
  • Biblioteca Sant Gervasi Sud (2027-2031)
  • Biblioteca Pública de l’Estat a Barcelona – Biblioteca central de Barcelona (2027-2031)

In addition, 7 of the existing facilities will be moved and/or expanded:

Further information on the Barcelona Libraries Master Plan for 2030 from the following link:




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