Changes and improvements to vertical signage and other road fixtures in the city

In all, 3,712 road signs in poor repair will be replaced by new ones with a design offering better visibility and reflectiveness.

27/11/2022 10:15 h

Ecologia Urbana

Work gets under way in December to renew 3,712 vertical road signs and other fixtures, such as 1,235 reflective elements in bike lanes and 380 speed strips with their reflective elements now worn away.

The work will take six months and be carried out in all ten districts in the city, with signs which are not visible enough or obsolete replaced with newly designed elements offering better visibility and reflectiveness.

Work includes:

  • Replacement of steel-plated signs with more reflective aluminium ones.
  • Replacement of signs with luminous ones.
  • Improvements to information signs for drivers and pedestrians, adding clearer indications in some cases and new signs in places without any.

Signs from 60 to 40 centimetres

Another measure will see signs with a diameter of 60 cm on façades and traffic lights replaced with signs of 40 cm. This step will be applied in traffic-calmed streets where large signs are not so necessary as users circulate at a lower speed.

The changes will help reduce the impact on the urban landscape and also wear and tear to signs, for instance through damage caused by the impact of large vehicles (lorries, vans etc.).

Renewal of separating elements and speed strips

Other measures include the renewal of 1,235 separating elements for bike lanes, replacing current ones with worn reflective parts. The same will apply to 380 speed- strips which are worn down in the same way.

The intention is to boost road safety in the city and improve the condition of signage in the streets of Barcelona. The main goal is to cut road accidents, and better signage plays a key role in this.