New Local Security Plan with 300 measures to improve security and coexistence

The general goal of the plan for 2024 to 2027 is to reduce the volume of victims, anticipate conflict and improve people’s perception of security. The plan was worked on in the special meeting of the Local Security Board and will be presented as a government measure before the Full Council.

17/05/2024 14:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plan is the tool for analysing security in the municipality, identifying the goals, available resources and action to be adopted, and planning the calendar for applying these, as well as monitoring and assessment methods. It includes public security strategies, prevention, civilian protection and the promotion of coexistence.

Cohesion, security and integration

The ultimate goals are to maintain a cohesive, safe and integrating city, ensure social harmony between city people and protect the social rights, interests and duties of all citizens through involvement and shared responsibility.

The plan was developed starting with a review of previous plans, adding new improvements and adapting them to the new realities in the city.

Main areas of work

To achieve these goals, the following have been defined as the main areas of action for the Local Security Plan:

  • Proximity with people and the local area, with the local policing carried out by the City Police playing a key role.
  • Determining issues and security needs according to socialisation processes for men and women, often different.
  • Institutional coordination between the different administrations involved, with a greater presence by the Civil Protection, Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue Service in dissemination, as well as the knowledge of the local area from each fire station.
  • Promotion of participation and joint participation as a mechanism for listening to and working with the public.
  • Ongoing improvement of tools for diagnosis, monitoring and assessment in the search for greater effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Maintaining social cohesion in address matters that generate insecurity, from different angles: prevention, anticipation of conflicts, policing and legal approaches.
  • Achieving a city free of discrimination on the grounds of gender, with new action and specific strategies in this sphere, at the same time improving protection and support for LGBTI people.

Main goals

The Local Security Plan for the next four years sets out 28 strategic goals for public policies on security, prevention and coexistence, which must be achieved through 280 specific actions. The main ones are:

  • Guarantee the level of objective security among the public.
  • Cut crime with the highest impact, for instance multiple repeated offences or crime linked to the drugs market, and improve the sensation of security.
  • Improve coexistence in public spaces in the city, reduce unauthorised graffiti and develop a specific model for nights.
  • Reduce squatting and the conflicts that come with it.
  • Put the victims of gender violence at the centre of police attention and prevention and detect cases through local approaches.
  • Boost safety for elderly people.
  • Improve support for the victims of hate crime and discrimination.
  • Consolidate support relating to vulnerability.
  • Reduce road accidents.
  • Develop a prevention and protection plan for Barcelona neighbourhoods located in the mountain areas of Collserola.
  • Include intercultural, gender and LGBTI perspectives in security and emergency policies.
  • Prepare the city for the challenges of global security and for large events, such as the America’s Cup.
  • Consolidate the image of Barcelona as a safe city.
  • Continue fostering transparency and access to public information.

The plan seeks to achieve these goals by boosting coordination between all those involved, and with conflict anticipation strategies and the promotion of coexistence and social behaviour. The priority will always be to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but with authority in terms of respecting regulations and the fight against crime.

The plan will place special attention on the prevention of violence, particularly male violence towards women, and strategies to reduce the effects of the intensive use of public space, as is the case with nightlife.



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