Work gets under way on the second bike lane section in Carrer de Mallorca

Work is under way on a new section of bike lane in C/ Mallorca, between C/ Comte Borrell and C/ Rocafort, and will also see continuity for this route with work carried out from Av. Roma to C/ Tarragona. The new section comes in addition to the section started last week, also in C/ Mallorca, between C/ Sicília and C/ Comte d’Urgell.

12/09/2023 17:32 h

Ecologia Urbana

Work is now in progress on two new bike lane sections in C/ Mallorca: the first between the streets of Comte Borrell and Rocafort, with continuity through Av. Roma, between the streets of Rocafort and Tarragona, started today, and the second between the streets of Sicília and Comte d’Urgell, started last week.

The new sections connect with the current bike lane in C/ Mallorca, between C/ Clot and Pg. Sant Joan, meaning a major new horizontal bike route will cross the city in the direction of the Llobregat, connecting the neighbourhoods of Sant Andreu, La Sagrera, Sagrada Família and other parts of L’Eixample with Sants station, right across Cerda’s street grid.

Both sections will be segregated one-way bike lanes, next to the side of C/Mallorca nearest the sea. The new configuration for the street will therefore consist of a bus lane, two traffic lanes and a bike lane, all in the direction of the Llobregat. The section between the streets of Comte d’Urgell and Comte Borrell will temporarily be without a bike lane until the technical solutions are defined to ensure the path for the cycling route through this point.

Various preliminary tasks relating to ducts for traffic lights are being carried out to build the bike lane, to be followed by the road milling process and surfacing of the bike lane and finally the installation of separators. The traffic direction along the side of Av. Roma nearest the mountain will be changed from 19 September, between the streets of Viladomat and Rocafort.

The work is being funded with Next Generation European funds and is expected to be completed at the end of the year.

New section in C/ Ramon Trias Fargas and completion of the lane in Pg. Maragall

Work is also due to get under way this month on the bike lane in C/ Ramon Trias Fargas, between C/ Salvador Espriu and Pg. Marítim, and the continuation along Pg. Marítim, between Raman Trias Fargas and Trelawny. This new one-way lane will be on the left side of the street and is expected to be completed at the end of October.

Work is also due to conclude soon on the bike lane in Pg. Maragall (between C/ Conca and Pl. Maragall), and in C/ Rosselló (between C/ Los Castillejos and C/ Independència). In the case of Pg. Maragall, the section will have two segregated one-way lanes on each side of the road, next to the pavements, for each direction. In the case of C/ Freser, a segregated one-way bike lane has been created and the pavement widened on the side nearest the sea, leaving just one traffic lane. Finally, in C/ Rosselló there will be a single one-way lane on the side nearest the mountain, used as a service lane until now.

This semester will also see work completed to shift the bike lane in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes from the pavement into the street, between Pl. Espanya and C/ Mineria, and those in the section of Gran Via between C/ Mineria and Pl. Cerdà.


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