Controlled occupancy begins at the beaches for the bathing season!

This week saw control mechanisms reintroduced to avoid build-ups of people at the beaches and ensure compliance with prevention measures. The municipal beaches website provides real-time information on occupancy levels at the beaches so people can check before leaving home and plan their journey.

06/05/2021 16:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A team of 8 information officers, 24 staff at access points and 2 coordinators will be combining for two daily shifts between 10 am to 7 pm, to gauge beach occupancy in real time. Teams will regulate access and provide information to users on the beach itself. As from the end of May, this service will be extended until 8 pm and more staff provided.

How to avoid the busiest beaches

The beaches website indicates occupancy in real time through a traffic-light system, helping users to make decisions before they leave home about which beach to go to, taking into account the volume of people:

  • Green flag: Low occupancy: Under 40%.
  • Yellow flag: Normal occupancy: Between 40% and 60%.
  • Orange flag: High occupancy: Between 60% and 80% (recommended to go to another beach).
  • Red flag: Very high occupancy: Over 80% (the beach may be closed).

High season: from 29 May

The beaches are gearing up for high season, which starts on 29 May with measures such as:

  • Redistribution of sand to areas with a deficit.
  • Conditioning of the dog area at the Llevant beach.
  • Preparation of assisted bathing at the Sant Miquel, Nova Icària and Fòrum beaches.
  • Broader capacity control measures with more staff and until 8 pm.


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