Crime falls by 12.2% in July and August compared to the same period in 2019

This summer saw crime figures for Barcelona drop by 12.2% compared to the same period in 2019, the year before the pandemic, when security indicators rocketed and tourism in the city reached record levels, directly comparable to July and August this year.

14/09/2022 14:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The drop in crime can be explained through various factors, one of the most significant being the increase in the number of police officers around the city (8.9% more for the Mossos d’Esquadra corps and 12% more City Police officers, a figure which rises to 39% for nights shifts in the case of the latter). Other factors include the plan to combat multi-reoffenders, the launch of a plan geared towards nightlife and the creation of the Grup Titani, specialising in combating the theft of luxury watches.

Muggings, violent crime and pickpocketing all down

Specifically, muggings and crime involving intimidation in public streets are down by 12.1% (dropping from 2,223 to 1,953), while forced entry and theft is down by 20% (from 1,296 to 1,116). In addition, forced entry and theft at commercial premises dropped by 42.9% (from 539 to 308), while forced entry and theft from vehicles fell by 9.65% (from 2,125 to 1,920).

Petty theft, representing half the criminal offences committed in the city this year, fell by 22.4% (from 23,932 to 18,857).

More resources to combat sexual violence

July brought the launch of the Plan to Combat Sexual Violence, aimed at guaranteeing safe routes from nightlife areas to public transport and identifying vulnerable people to ensure their safety at closing times for nightlife venues.

Specifically, cases of sexual aggression fell by 21.6% (dropping from 60 to 47 cases), while sexual abuse rose by 63.5% (from 74 to 121 cases). In terms of detentions for these types of crimes, these rose by 71.1% (from 45 to 77). Of these, 53 were for sexual abuse and 24 for sexual aggression.

In terms of crimes against people, the figures show an increase in injuries, rising from 724 to 840 cases, as well as an increase in detentions, with 137 people detained in all.

Greater pressure on the possession of drugs and arms

Preventive patrols by the two police corps have also meant an increase in the detection of behaviour linked to the consumption and possession of drugs and the confiscation of arms. In this respect, there were 2,886 denouncements for the possession and consumption of drugs and 155 for the possession of prohibited arms, some 68.48% more than the summer of 2019.

Guaranteeing civil behaviour and improving coexistence

In an effort to correct behaviour that disturbs others, disrupts harmony or degrades public space, police action was stepped up in July and August relating to the consumption of alcohol in public streets. As a result, the City Police denounced 9,134 cases, along with 1,205 denouncements for people going to the toilet in the street.

In addition, the police reported noise pollution in 2,956 cases, denouncing noise generated by busy venues or their customers, or the use of musical instruments in the street and disturbing local people. In terms of degrading urban space, graffiti and unauthorised painting resulted in 75 denouncements.


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