Operation to guarantee coexistence in L’Eixample this summer

In an effort to ensure respect for current regulations and local people’s hours of rest, the operation in parts of L’Eixample with the most intensive use of public space is being bolstered in places such as the new green street of Consell de Cent and the area in and around C/ Enric Granados. Measures include a new City Police patrol, more inspections at terraces, more intensive cleaning and an awareness campaign relating to the ban on drinking in the street and importance of keeping noise levels down.

07/07/2023 16:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The main measures adopted in the district of L’Eixample this summer are:

New night patrol by the City Police
The patrol will have the job of guaranteeing respect for regulations in July and August, particularly relating to people’s right to rest after the time that bar and restaurant terraces must close in C/ Enric Granados and the new green street of Consell de Cent.

Cleaning team with water from the cleaning service
Cleaning teams feature water cleaning services in the summer, operating from Thursday to Sunday in some sections of C/ Enric Granados once the terraces close, more precisely in the section between the streets of Mallorca and Diputació.

Inspections in areas saturated with terraces and in the new green streets
Inspections will mainly be carried out during the week and will check that terraces comply with the current regulations on the occupation of public space. Fines will be issued for infringements relating to excess modules or excessive use of surface space, or use of space which makes it difficult for people to get past. Checks will also be made to verify there are no terraces without licences or which were refused one.

Installation of elements to delimit the public space each terrace can occupy
Metal elements will installed in July to mark out the space of all terraces in the green streets of Consell de Cent, Girona, Comte Borrell and Rocafort.

Awareness campaigns
Posters are being distributed in Catalan, Spanish and English to remind people of the ban on binge drinking and the consumption of alcohol in public streets. The posters are being distributed in areas with the most pressure on public space: Enric Granados, Aribau, Parc de Joan Miró, the Sant Antoni superblock and the area in and around Av. Mistral. Posters have also been put up this week in Consell de Cent, Girona and the areas around the Sagrada Família.

In terms of reducing noise, like every summer an awareness campaign is being conducted in the city about the importance of respecting people’s hours of rest. In the case of L’Eixample, the campaign is being carried out by four environmental promotors as part of the summer campaign, which is set to run until September in areas around night-life establishments and terraces in the busiest streets and squares in the district.