Escola Mare de Déu de la Soledat to join the network of publicly operated schools next year

The next school year will see the Escola Mare de Déu de la Soledat become part of the city’s public education network under the name Escola Segre, boosting the number of public places in Sant Andreu, a district where demand is growing. This the eighth state-subsidised private school with pupils to become part of the public network, after the Institut Escola Sant Felip Neri, which will become part of the network in the next school year.

16/02/2023 16:53 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The school is located at C/ Segre, 35, in facilities belonging to the Fundació Mare de Déu de la Soletat. The centre currently has one class per school year, with 206 pupils enrolled: 51 in the upper cycle of infant education and 155 in primary education.

The Education Consortium, made up of the Catalan Ministry for Education and the City Council, have reached an agreement with the school and the owner of the facilities to pay a rent and be able to continue its education project within the public network.

The Escola Mare de Déu de la Soledat consists of two buildings with a ground floor and two floors, surrounded by sports courts and a space with garden elements covering an area of 6,500 square metres.

Furniture will be renewed and other work carried out to ensure aspects of safety and evacuation. The investment will be 680,000 euros, with the Ministry for Education and the City Council funding 50% each.

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