European Parliament approval for Barcelona’s proposal of a European capital for local commerce

The European Parliament has given a green light to the proposal from Barcelona Comerç and Vitrines d’Europe to create a European capital for local commerce, to ensure the survival of a European city model with revitalised neighbourhoods and able to maintain a more sustainable way of life, far removed from commercial desertification and fostering the identity of European cities and social cohesion between local people and areas. The capital role also equips local commerce with its own identity before European administrations.

17/01/2023 14:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona Comerç, with the support of Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Barcelona Provincial Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Government of Spain, has reaffirmed its intention to put forward Barcelona as a candidate to become the first European capital of local commerce.

Approved by the European Parliament, the proposal would mean incentives and European budgetary participation, with an agreement to promote a European city every year as the host for information activities, dissemination and training for citizens and retailers. The idea is to get the best from local commerce, help it to be competitive and firmly tie the urban life that goes with it to the European identity and to the continent’s cities and citizens.