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The city has a wide range of free resources offering information, support and advice to young people between the ages of 12 and 35, on matters that interest and concern them such as studies, work, housing and emotional well-being. Joves de Barcelona is a new campaign to introduce young people to these services, with a new image, website and communication channels, plus some renowned influencers.

19/03/2023 12:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Joves de Barcelona campaign comes from a proposal by a hundred young people who took part in the Fòrum Jove BCN in July 2021. This participatory initiative called for more suitable channels, communication and language to connect with young people in the city.

The new graphic image turns the city’s 18 young people’s points red and white. Previously known as InfoJOVE points, these will now become Joves de Barcelona points. The image will also be used for the Young People’s Academic Advice Centre (CAAJ) and the Young People’s Information and Advice Centre (CIAJ). The service will also be present in 85 secondary schools in the city.

New website and new TikTok!

The new website joves.barcelona brings together all the information of interest to people between the ages of 12 and 35 in Barcelona. A simple search enables users to find information and resources relating to studies, work, housing and emotional welfare, plus recreation and leisure options.

The other notable new aspect is on social media. Under a unified profile, @joves_barcelona, communication now goes further than Instagram and Twitter to include TikTok, with renowned influencers and content creators among young people in the city such as Blanca Guilera, the feminist rapper Miss Raisa, the dancer and choreographer Nadine Romero and the young creators Roma BA and Genís Costas.

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