Expansion work on Av Diagonal’s drainage duct passes the halfway point

Expansion work on the drainage duct along Av Diagonal, which will enable a section to be widened between Carrer de Girona and Passeig de Sant Joan, is now at 72% completion. The city’s demographic growth and urban development, in addition to the effects of climate change, have contributed to an increased drainage demand and made it necessary to increase the capacity of a large part of the sewerage network.

04/08/2021 13:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Work on widening the drainage duct’s central section has practically finished. This is a large space that runs parallel with the existent drainage duct. From now on the work will focus on the two ends, one of which right lies right next to Carrer de Girona and the other on Passeig de Sant Joan.

The drainage duct along Av Diagonal is a large hydraulic, sanitary infrastructure in the city built towards the end of the 19th century. Its purpose is to collect and manage the transport of wastewater and rainwater generated in the city’s neighbourhoods next to the avenue’s mountain.

Demographic growth and increased urban development, together with the effects of climate change, have led to a need for increasing the capacity of a large part of the sewerage system’s primary network. When it rains, the drainage duct increases its waterflow to maximum capacity, 96 cubic metres per second. The widening work will enable it to increase its capacity to transport rainwater.

Work needed for the future

The operation is very important for improving the area’s sewerage network, as it will enable it to increase its current drainage capacity by 70%, from 96 to 160 cubic metres per second, reduce the risk of flooding and water circulation along the surface of Av Diagonal and Carrer Milà i Fontanals, Carrer Girona and Carrer Bailèn. It will also be used for lengthening the useful life of the sewerage system and improve the conservation and cleaning of the drainage duct in Av Diagonal along the widened section.

Finally, the work is needed for connecting the tram network along Av Diagonal. The Trambaix and Trambesòs cannot be joined up through Av Diagonal unless the drainage duct is improved beforehand, given that once the tramway infrastructure has been established it will be impossible to carry out sewerage work on this scale.


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