First carer cards issued

In an effort to make Barcelona a caring and carer-friendly city, the first thousand cards were issued today to provide support, resources and free services for carers, facilitating and recognising the work they do. The Carer Card is a pioneering measure in the Spanish state and has been conceived jointly with organisations, professionals and families.

29/09/2022 17:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This municipal initiative aims to combat the difficulties faced by carers in their daily life and the lack of information, training and support they encounter, as well as reduce the risk of isolation for them.

Estimates put the number of people potentially benefitting from the card at 355,000. These are people who care for others who are sick, dependent or have disabilities or are elderly, whether carers close to those they care for or domestic and care workers.

The Carer Card can be applied for with a form, or in person at Barcelona Cuida (C/ Viladomat, 127) or any of the city’s Vila Veïna offices. A telephone service has also been set up on 93 413 21 21 to resolve any queries.

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