First group of domestic and care worker organisations

The first group of organisations for domestic and care workers has been constituted at the Barcelona Care Centre, providing a network for joint work between the sector and institutions to dignify care work, combat inequalities and job insecurity and drive fairer work practices.

29/03/2023 19:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A care city not only guarantees the well-being of people who need support, but also helps and accompanies people who provide care. Domestic and care work has historically been one of the most precarious and feminised sectors, a trend which needs to be corrected with municipal resources and services to give it dignity.

The Barcelona Care Centre, a central resource for all care-related services, will host the sessions by the group of domestic and care worker organisations, where associations, organisation and institutions will aim to forge ties to prevent and combat job insecurity in this sector, offer information and advice on labour rights and fair work contracts, drive professionalisation and labour insertion and prevent violence and harassment which might be suffered by workers.

Domestic and care workers also have access to specific resources to improve their well-being, such as the Carer Card, the information channel Infocures, the freephone service for psychological support (900 505 805), the BCN network of meeting and support points and the advisory services at the Barcelona Care Centre for managing procedures and formalising work contracts.

More information on municipal services for carers.