Forest fire drill in Collserola

The operation mobilised 30 firefighters and 9 land units during the afternoon of Friday, 26 April, as well as the City Police and other municipal emergency services. Drills of this type enable officers to put protocols into practice and optimise them, and local people to get first-hand knowledge of what to do if a fire breaks out near their homes. The first thing to do in these circumstances is to call 112 and provide as much information as possible.

26/04/2024 20:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The drill started in the Torree Baró neighbourhood (district of Nou Barris) at 4.30 pm, with a call from a local resident, forewarned about the drill, reporting the fire. From that point on, various vehicles were scrambled from the fire station in Sant Andreu (which also has the Nou Barris area assigned to it), along with the stations in Vall d’Hebron and L’Eixample.

Once on the scene, the team of firefighters studied the behaviour of the fire and made an initial analysis of the situation. They also started working to control the base of the fire and delimit the spread while they waited for the arrival of further units activated at that point.

Local residents in the immediate area were then confined to their homes or nearby houses if their own was not safe (horizontal evacuation), with close attention paid to the safety of home confinements in coordination with the City Police.

The police corps also helped with the mobility of firefighting teams, logistics for groups taking part, alerting local residents and people in the area via a public address system and other tasks. In all, a sub-inspector, a sergeant, a corporal and fifteen officers from the corps were involved.

Besides the Barcelona Fire Service and the City Police, the drill also involved the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB), technical staff from the district of Nou Barris, the Collserola Consortium and rural officers.

The drill was part of the forest fire prevention pre-campaign, activated on 18 April, two weeks earlier than scheduled owing to the situation caused by the drought. Information sessions are also being carried out to prevent forest fires in various districts, the most recent in Sarrià – Sant Gervasi.

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