Goods deliveries in car parks

Initial approval should very soon be given to the special urban plan for new activities in car parks in the city of Barcelona, enabling private and public car parks to add spaces for logistics and services. The goal is to improve and optimise the management of urban goods deliveries in Barcelona and free up public space.

10/01/2023 18:44 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Public and private car parks with enough rotational parking spaces are expected to be able to add complementary activities which generally include loading and unloading, goods deliveries and logistics relating to the collection of small packages and purchase of small items.

Besides this, the regulation also establishes the inclusion of recharging points for electric vehicles and the exchange of batteries in car parks, space for cash machines and automatic vending machines plus the installation of certain public service options (services cabinets).

This special urban plan comes within the context of the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) 2024 and the Municipal Urban Goods Delivery Strategy 2030 (EDUM 2030).

Following its initial approval, the new regulation will make its way through the administrative process to gain final approval, with a public scrutiny period and the corresponding citizen participation process.

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