Greenery, heritage and science as the Ciutadella del Coneixement starts to take shape

Ten public institutions, universities and science institutions have signed a protocol to promote the Ciutadella del Coneixement, a knowledge hub which now moves closer to becoming reality with the laying of the first stone for a new research and innovation site located at the former fish market. Green areas inside the park will be revamped and there are plans to renovate the Museu Martorell, the Castell dels Tres Dragons, the Hivernacle and the Umbracle to create a hub for citizen science.

12/01/2023 16:54 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The park looks back to its origins, when it was home to the Universal Expo in the 19th century, to be reborn as a leading European space for science, the Ciutadella del Coneixement (Ciutadella Knowledge Hub).

From an urban planning perspective, it will cease to be an enclosed site and instead connect with its surroundings and the science institutions around it, including the existing ones and others to be created in the next few years.

Leading science park

The former fish market will be transformed with three buildings devoted to biomedicine (Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)), biodiversity (Institute for Evolutionary Biology from the CSIC) and the link between climate change and people’s welfare, with the Planetary Wellbeing Research and Innovation Centre from the UPF.

On the site of the State Vehicle Fleet, in front of the UPF Ciutadella campus, the CSIC will concentrate Catalonia’s forty research teams into two biosciences centres.

New life for historical facilities

The Museu Martorell, the Castell dels Tres Dragons, the Hivernacle and the Umbracle will all be renovated, becoming a hub of citizen science facilities.

The Zoo will also be pressing on with a model which prioritises the conservation of native fauna and respect for biodiversity.

The institutional protocol to promote the Ciutadella del Coneixement has been signed by Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia, the UPF, the ministries for science and innovation and for universities, the UB, the UAB, the CSIC, the BIST and the Fundació Pasqual Maragall.