How to report an incident relating to the cleaning of public space

As of today, the city’s cleaning services have handled 70,000 incidents in public space which were reported by members of the public, with an average response time of below 24 hours. This is thanks to the three channels which were set up for citizens to contact the corresponding department directly.

23/09/2021 12:12 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Online support site

Incidents in public streets and squares can be reported at, within the Complaints and Suggestions site. The site refers the request to the corresponding team so they can deal with it, thus improving communication between Barcelona City Council and citizens.

App ‘Barcelona a la butxaca’

You can also report an incident easily by using your mobile with the municipal app ‘Barcelona a la butxaca’, which offers agile communication with the municipal services responsible for resolving incidents detected. In the section entitled ‘Incidències a la via pública’ users can attach images.

Freephone 900 226 226

The freephone number 900 226 226 allows users to report damage and incidents relating to cleaning and the functioning of a municipal service.


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