Initial approval for tax by-laws for 2023

With a freeze on all municipal taxes, the tax by-laws for 2023 gained initial approval from the Full Council in its October meeting. The proposal gained the green light with votes from the groups in the municipal government, with the ERC and JxCat abstaining and the rest of the groups voting against it.

28/10/2022 14:45 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The result means municipal taxes remain unchanged: the property tax (IBI), road tax (IVTM), the tax on economic activity (IAE) and the tax on constructions, installations and building work (ICIO).

Discounts and payment methods

A new discount is established for the tax on the occupancy of public space for vehicles with the ECO rating sticker. Introduced in response to the pandemic, the discount of 75% on the tax for terraces in public space, travelling markets and Christmas fairs remains in place.

To facilitate the payment of taxes, this is the first time that people receiving more than two municipal charges can opt to make a monthly flat-rate payment.

The proposal for tax by-laws will now be submitted for a public scrutiny period of 30 days. Circumstances allowing, it will then go before the Full Council again for final approval in December.