Inspections and briefings at 400 homes to prevent the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes

The Barcelona Public Health Agency is running a prevention and awareness campaign entitled “A casa teva” [At your house], centring on the private sphere, as this is where 70% of mosquito activity occurs. Monitoring has been stepped up in areas of risk in public spaces.

15/09/2023 15:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Mosquitoes make the most of small puddles and recipients such as jars, buckets, plant pots and toys to lay their larvae. Because of this, the main prevention measure is to avoid the accumulation of water in yards, balconies and gardens.

The campaign “A casa teva” helps people to locate possible breeding sites and provides information on the steps to take to avoid these. The campaign began in May and will continue until October.

The selection of homes takes into account the characteristics of the environment and the species, as well as aspects linked to social inequalities.

Greater control of mosquitoes in public space until November

Areas at risk of a proliferation of mosquitoes in public space have been increased from 82 to 100, with checks stepped up.

Activity by these insects was detected in 1% of the 50,000 plus points checked in 2022.


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