The City Police renews part of its fleet with new hybrid vehicles

Ninety cars with logotypes will come into service on 15 February, the first batch of the 184 vehicles in the new car contract for the city’s police corps. All of the vehicles are hybrid, continuing the renewal and modernisation process of the municipal vehicle fleet.

12/01/2024 15:21 h

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Most of the new cars will go to territorial units in the districts and feature tech systems to improve their efficiency. The cars include onboard computers and a cordless microphone for communication. The new vehicles have the highly visible Battenburg model on their bodywork. The overall investment for the vehicles is 14.3 million euros.

The City Police has also acquired 24 electric bicycles, the first for the corps, which come in addition to the current 125 pedal bikes. The new additions mean that 43.7% of the fleet is now made up of electric or hybrid vehicles.

The rest of the cars will come into service in July, bringing the number of motor vehicles used by the City Police to 646.

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