The line 11 bus service becomes two new lines: the 133 and the 134

The 134 bus line comes into service in Nou Barris on Monday, 22 April, with changes also to be applied to the 133 service in Sant Andreu, previously operating as a neighbourhood bus. The two services replace the current line 11 (Trinitat Vella-Roquetes) to improve the frequency of buses, increase passenger capacity and improve the connection between important points such as the CAP Sant Andreu and cultural facilities.

16/04/2024 16:17 h

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The City Council and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) worked on the change with local people and the districts, and after analysing regularity and frequency the decision was taken to replace the line 11 service with two new local options, the 133 and the 134, the goal being to improve public transport for users in Sant Andreu and Nou Barris.

Line 134 (Nou Barris)

This is a new circular line with a single terminus in Roquetes. The service will follow the same route as the line 11 as far as Pg. Andreu Nin with C/ Rossello i Porcel, before turning into Av. Meridiana to reach the Fabra i Puig station, just behind the bus station. From there the service will connect with its current route.

The bus will follow a route of 8.4 kilometres in roughly 55 minutes, with services operating at intervals of between 15 and 18 minutes on working days. On Saturdays, buses will run every 20 minutes, and on Sundays and public holidays, between 24 and 27 minutes. This means buses will be more frequent than those currently operating on line 11.

At the existing stops at the Roquetes, Chafarinas and Rio de Janerior primary healthcare centres, the new interchange with line 133 in Fabra i Puig also means a better connection with the bus station and train station at Sant Andreu Arenal, as well as the Fabra i Puig metro station and other bus services. In addition, the connection will be better to reach the CAP Sant Andreu, the main healthcare centre for a significant part of the population in Nou Barris attending appointments with specialist services and medical tests.

The changes in mobility resulting from the restructuring of the line 11 service into these two new services includes some adjustments to some of the turns to improve frequencies in C/ Almansa (affecting the stops in Via Favència / Almagro and Via Favència / IES Guineueta) and in Av. Meridiana (affecting the stops in Pg. Andreu Nin / Rosselló i Porcel, Pg. Andreu Nin / Parc Esportiu Can Dragó, Pg. Andreu Nin / Av. Rio de Janeiro i Vèlia / Pi Garrigó), and two new stops have been created; one in front of the swimming pool in Can Dragó in C/ Rosselló i Porcel and another interchange between the two lines in Fabra i Puig close to the CAP Sant Andreu. The connection between lines 133 and 134 in this sector is 150 metres away (2 minutes).

Besides this new interchange, users also have other bus options available: H4 (Zona Universitària / Bon Pastor), H6 (Zona Universitària / Onze de Setembre), V29 (Diagonal Mar / Roquetes) and 60 (Besòs Verneda / Vall d’Hebron).

Line 133 (Sant Andreu)

Until now this line was only operating as a neighbourhood bus service, launched in 2018 and serving the neighbourhoods of Baró de Viver, Sant Andreu del Palomar and Bon Pastor. This now becomes a local circular line with a single terminus in Ctra. Ribes. The bus will circulate along the side lane of Av. Meridiana and go down C/ Malats to provide service to the shopping hub in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu. The connection with the Bon Pastor neighbourhood will be via C/ Sant Adrià and will also be extended to Baró de Viver to serve the CUAP Casernes.

This change not only optimises the service but also adds more passenger capacity and places for people with reduced mobility. In terms of frequencies, buses will pass every 15 minutes on working days, every 20 minutes on Saturdays, and every 37 to 40 minutes on Sundays and public holidays. This also represents improved frequency compared to previously, with longer operating hours at weekends.

Given the change of vehicles to follow the new route, changes have been made to the infrastructure in C/ Ciutat Asunción, with work carried out to allow a standard bus to access C/ Clariana.


Quadríptic de les línies 133 i 134 de bus

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