City data more accessible than ever

The new Barcelona Data site offers members of the public access to all city data in a simple, intuitive and agile way. After two years in the making, the new tool from the Municipal Data Office democratises access to and the use of statistical information relating to the city, previously fragmented on different websites.

12/02/2024 14:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new website brings together and facilitates access to and the dissemination of data held and managed by the City Council, as well as the high-quality analyses that municipal areas produce on the history, recent evolution and current situation of the city. The site stands out for its ease of use and accessibility, regardless of the level of training of the user, as it offers searches by topic and in free language. The site is available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

The site includes data, documents, surveys, maps and other content enabling users to analyse the situation and evolution of Barcelona from multiple perspectives: demographic, economic, social, cultural or political: Barcelona Data also adds values to the publication of new data that are updated frequently: minutes, hours or days, depending on each case.

The tool was developed by the Municipal Data Office with the Municipal Institute of Information Technology in collaboration with the company Bestiario, which won the public tendering process. In the two years taken, the project used Agile methodology, not commonly used in the public sector, allowing for checks and the introduction of changes during the process.

The Barcelona Data website includes and adds the following municipal spaces for the dissemination of data, active over the last two decades: the website of the Department of Statistics and Data Dissemination, the website Barcelona Economy and the Open Data service. It also connects with other municipal services, such as the Register of Surveys and Opinion Studies, and the document repository BCNROC. The goal is to increase the volume of visits these municipal websites currently receive.

A leader in the public sphere

Barcelona Data is an innovative site in the realm of public administrations, not only because of its Agile methodology, but also as it was developed with open-source software, making it easy to reproduce for other public or private institutions. It also makes the most of the capabilities of the municipal big data repository (CityOS) and its analytical capacity.

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