Economic impact of the Mobile World Congress 2023 in figures

MWC Barcelona 2023 had an impact of 461 million euros for the city and created over 9,100 part-time jobs, according to the economic impact report published by GSMA.

15/09/2023 17:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 461 million euros represents a return to pre-pandemic levels in terms of the economic contribution of the event, which in 2019 generated 473 million euros, compared to 469 million in 2018 and 465 million in 2017.

The report by GSMA on the economic impact of MWC Barcelona 2023 highlights the following figures:

  • 461 million euros in economic impact (above the 350 million initially forecast).
  • Over 9,100 part-time jobs (1,700 more jobs than in 2022)
  • Over 88,500 attendees from 202 countries and territories.
  • Over 2,400 exhibitors, sponsors and partners.
  • 64,000 attendees from outside Barcelona and over 36,000 accompanying visitors.
  • 50% of attendees above director level, with 21% of profiles corresponding to CEOs.

In addition, an estimated economic impact of 5,800 million euros has been generated by the event since 2006, with over 150,000 part-time jobs created all around Catalonia.

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