A bigger budget and more staff to clean graffiti in the streets

Cleaning graffiti is a priority service in the city. The new cleaning contract is for 16 million euros and includes a 30% increase in the workforce, bringing the total number of cleaning teams to 36. The contract comes as part of the Pla Endreça and this will be the first time it includes the cleaning of urban elements such as benches, plant tubs and water springs, plus the façades of some heritage buildings. The contract will also see the City Police more involved and a new working methodology, with frequent cleaning in certain areas.

09/02/2024 12:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In a move to optimise results and improve the perception of cleaning, various areas have been identified in each district where graffiti will be cleaned every four months in general, but with a monthly clean in places where this is necessary. Cleaning will also be carried out regularly at municipal buildings, markets, parks and garden and urban structures such as bridges, walkways and walls.

More areas of work

One of the most notable aspects to the new cleaning contract is that for the first time ever it will include the cleaning of graffiti on urban furniture and other elements such as water springs, garden tubs, information panels, handrails, bike parking and street name plaques. In addition, cleaning will also include the façades of heritage buildings which are protected as Cultural Assets of Local Interest, Assets of Urban Interest or Assets of Documentary Interest.

Coordination with the City Police

More coordination with the City Police is planned to increase graffiti cleaning, with a greater police presence in public spaces and more formal denouncements under the by-law on social behaviour as a dissuasive factor. In 2023, there were 486 denouncements for graffiti in public space or on other elements, up from 327 in 2022 and representing a rise of 48.6%. Fines went up from 300 to 500 euros in 2023, an increase of 66.6%, and can rise to 600 euros if the offence is committed by painting on a heritage façade.


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