More emotional support at city schools

As from the next academic year, 81 city schools will have professionals specialising in emotional support for children and teenagers. These new profiles will enable centres to detect issues and take preventive action in cases of emotional distress and mental health problems.

20/04/2021 14:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Emotional educators were introduced at 27 schools between 2016 and 2020, within the framework of the Neighbourhood Plan. Following the positive results obtained, as from the 2021-2022 school year the number of staff with these new profiles will be tripled. Out of the 81 schools with professionals specialising in emotions, 66 are in neighbourhoods prioritised by the Neighbourhood Plan and the rest are in areas with higher levels of socio-economic vulnerability.

Educators in emotions provide direct service for pupils and take part in classroom activities to be able to detect cases and provide the necessary support in difficult situations for children’s development. They also advise teaching teams on relational and behavioural difficulties arising in the classroom.

The boost to the prevention of mental health problems in education is one of the goals in the Barcelona Mental Health Plan 2016-2022 and takes on greater relevance with the emotional impact of the pandemic among youngsters. The rollout of specialists at various city schools will be carried out in coordination with the Neighbourhood Plan and the Barcelona Education Consortium (CEB).

‘Cabàs Emocional’ and ‘Konsulta’m’ points at schools

Barcelona City Council is working with the CEB to implement other mental health measures, such as virtual activities for students, families and teaching staff via the Cabàs Emocional tool and the establishment of a ‘Konsulta’m’ psychological support point as a go-to facility for each school.

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