More organic local produce at municipal markets, with ‘Comerç verd’

The ‘Comerç verd’ programme will identify municipal markets offering organic local produce from small-scale producers and locally sourced fish, incentivising the consumption of local produce. Six markets have signed up to the programme so far: Concepció, Llibertat, Sarrià, Ninot, Sants and Horta, with the rest of the city’s 39 food markets to follow suit in September. The pilot project is one of the main programmes for the city as the world sustainable food capital.

11/06/2021 15:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goals of the ‘Comerç verd’ programme are to prioritise organic local produce at markets, position establishments according to the quality of their produce, reduce the carbon footprint, fight the climate emergency and boost local sustainable agriculture and livestock farming.

Requisites for green commercial establishments

  • To offer a minimum percentage of local organic produce, direct from farmers or from the fish auction.
  • To be recognised as a ‘Comerç Verd’.
  • To include posters and tags which identify them as stalls offering healthy and sustainable food.

The ‘Comerç verd’ project is part of the Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital 2021, which is designed to foster healthier, more sustainable local food and improve the health of people and the planet.