More public transport as the school year gets under way!

Additional public transport services are operating from Monday 14 September, with health and safety measures also being stepped up ahead of the start of the new school year. The metro system is operating the maximum number of trains, while doors at the front of buses are back in use and two new bus routes are in service.

12/09/2020 10:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The extra #metro services enable the network to handle the increase in demand as the schools go back.

  • Extra services from 6 am to 1 pm on L1 and L5: 159 trains during morning rush hours, four more than in 2019.
  • Extra trains from 1 pm to 8 pm on L1, L2 and L5: 148 trains during afternoon rush hours, 11 more than in 2019.

Besides the prevention measures, with extra cleaning in the different areas around the metro and online information on passenger volumes in real time, other action is also being added this week:

  • Staff and security personnel to ensure the correct flow of people.
  • Installation of 127 hand sanitiser dispensers around 72 stations.

Normal access to buses

The doors at the front of buses are back in use as from Monday, making it easier for passengers to access and exit vehicles. Drivers will also be attending to passengers again, except for the sale of single tickets, which continue to be sold by mobile.

The return to normal comes after protective screens were installed where bus drivers sit.

Vehicles will continue to be disinfected every day and drivers will also be in possession of cleaning products.

New bus services

Two new bus routes started operating on Monday 14 September:

  • Line 141, in the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood, connects different facilities such as the Hospital Clínic, the Manso CUAP health centre, the Hospital Universitari del Sagrat Cor, the Sant Antoni and Ninot markets, the Sant Jordi swimming pool and various public libraries.
  • Line 175, in the Les Corts district, strengthens the bus service for school journeys by connecting Riera Blanca with education facilities in Av. Esplugues and Zona Universitària.

Follow the instructions on the public transport network to avoid build-ups of people.



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