More social housing in Barceloneta

Agreement between the City Council and a private owner to grant temporary use of a building in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, with eleven flats to be added to the municipal housing stock once the relevant renovation work is completed due to their poor state of repair.

31/07/2021 10:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

As part of the Pla Dintres housing initiative, the District of Ciutat Vella issued a conservation order for the privately owned building at C/ Santa Clara, 80-82. The owner informed the district they were not in a financial situation to execute the work and so the City Council proposed a 15-year lease agreement for the building, to include the homes in the municipal housing stock. In return, the municipal administration will carry out the work needed, which has already been budgeted for.

More public housing in the district of Ciutat Vella

A series of measures are currently being implemented in the district which will enable the public housing stock to grow by a further 130 homes in the next few years.

One example is the co-housing project in Pg. Joan de Borbó, with eight homes. Elsewhere, the Municipal Institute for Housing (IMHB) is working to renovate various properties in the district, between them accounting for another 122 homes.


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