Most public pricing frozen for 2024

The Government Commission has approved public prices and tariffs for 2024. Most will be frozen or increased in line with the inflation index, with some exceptions caused by the rise in energy costs.

21/12/2023 17:45 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The price of admission to the Zoo, Park Güell and the Tibidabo Amusement Park remains unchanged. The freeze also applies to the current tariffs for services offered by Endolla and Bicing. No price increases will apply to services offered by the Area of Social Rights, such as home help, meals in company, the programme Temps per a tu, homes for the elderly, sheltered housing and day centres for the elderly.

Commercial waste collection prices will remain unchanged. The price of special cleaning and waste collection services that can be requested occasionally by private parties for special needs is going up by 20% on average. Prices for making industrial use of green points will also be going up, in proportion to the cost of treating each type of waste.

Cleaning graffiti

As part of the Pla Endreça, with the boost to graffiti cleaning services and the aim to pass the cost onto perpetrators, prices will vary according to whether the element is listed or not:

  • Non-listed buildings: € 107 per hour
  • Façades or elements of listed buildings (categories B, C or D): € 208 per hour

District and sports facilities

At facilities managed by districts, such as community centres, centres for the elderly, youth centres or play libraries, pricing will rise by 2.5% according to the increase forecast in the inflation index.

At sports facilities managed by the Barcelona Institute of Sports and the districts, CEM and IEM, energy costs will mean a price increase of:

  • 4 % for membership subscriptions
  • 2.5 % for all other prices

Social pricing will continue to be offered to vulnerable and special collectives (single-parent or large families, people with functional diversity, pink card holders, social services users, the unemployed, refugees, participants in extra-curricular activities, the Olímpia campus, sports camps etc.).

Cremation services

Cementiris de Barcelona will be increasing the price of its cremation services to tackle the rise in energy costs, fixing it at € 399,16. The price had been unchanged for a decade.


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