The Infrastructure Advisory Committee has been established

Today saw the signing of the decree creating the Infrastructure Advisory Committee, a new municipal consultative body bringing together experts and renowned professionals in the field of infrastructures. It will be chaired by Santi Vila.

28/07/2023 12:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Its goal will be to develop content aimed at providing Barcelona City Council with its own voice on the matter of infrastructures that have or may have repercussions on the future of the city, in particular, its transport infrastructure: railway, port and airport. It will also deal with and work on the field of energy infrastructures and telecommunications and data infrastructures.

The new body will be independent in its duties and in the reports and opinions it issues.

The new Advisory Committee will have a Full Committee, made up of all the body’s members and by a Standing Committee, consisting of a small group of its members. According to the issues that are meant to be dealt with, the Chair will be able to convene specific short-term work groups for the purposes of thoroughly exploring studies, knowledge and advice on a specific aspect.

The Full Committee will be meet up at least twice a year and the Standing Committee roughly every two months, at least six times a year. The meetings system for possible work groups will be established by the Chair.

The group of experts making up the Advisory Committee is now starting to be worked out, with the aim of having it in operation in September.

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