New Sants railway station, adapted to the mobility of the future and integrated into the neighbourhood

After a year of a participatory process with local people, retailers and organisations in the sphere of mobility, the project for the future of the station in Sants and the surrounding area has been presented. The station will have a sustainable building, with plenty of light and integrated into the neighbourhood, with access via all façades and users able to cross the premises in all directions. In the area around the station, pedestrians will get 85% more space, including a revamped Plaça dels Països Catalans, surrounded by greenery.

16/09/2022 14:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project for the new station rounds off a year-long participatory process, responding to the demands of all groups and building their input into the design. The building will be compact in volume, accessible and linked to daily life in the neighbourhood, with greener surroundings, less traffic and space for people to skate in.

Barcelona-Sants is conceived as a major station, a sustainable facility responding to the mobility of the future. It will allow for intermodal mobility, with travel combining journeys on foot, by bike, on high-speed trains, metro, local trains and buses.

A new square and 85% more space for people

The station will fit into the urban layout and open to the city’s socio-economic and cultural life. Plaça dels Països Catalans will be surrounded by greenery, offering natural protection from traffic, and 38 new trees added in what will be known as the Bosc de Viriat. The square’s original water springs will also be regained, offering a great place for children to play on hot days.

Pedestrian and bike areas will be enlarged by 85%, while traffic around the station will be reduced by 75%. Traffic is Carrer de Viriat will be limited, with circulation eliminated from the northern section of Passeig de Sant Antonia, creating a new public space.

An outdoor area for cultural events will also be created, adopting multiple levels to optimise its use. The taxi rank and a bike parking section will also be partially underground.

A station which users can cross in any direction

The station will have four façades, all providing access for people to cross the premises in any direction. The building will have an upper floor with two pedestrian sections offering views of Tibidabo and Montjuïc. Various courtyards will also get more ventilation and natural light. The metro station will also get a new independent foyer.

The building will be green and sustainable, constructed with carbon-neutral materials that reduce surface temperatures and noise pollution, such as granite, wood and metal. Some 76% of the rooftop have solar panelling to provide power for the building.

Ten parallel actions will be needed to help the project become a reality. The process is already under way, with ADIF carrying out work on the platforms for local and high-speed trains. The rail company will also repair leaks and ventilation in Pl. Peiró and Pl. Països Catalans. At the same time, Barcelona City Council is to draft, process and execute the projects for the surrounding areas. The process is expected to conclude in 2026, having remodelled the station and the entire surroundings.


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