New edition of Barcelona Districte Cultural with over 230 free shows

A new edition of Barcelona Districte Cultural is being held from 8 February to 27 April, offering a programme of concerts, performing arts shows and film sessions at community centres in the neighbourhoods. The programme includes 235 functions for people to enjoy free art and culture.

25/01/2024 16:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 200 plus functions correspond to 31 shows by music groups and performing arts companies, as well as three animated films that have won international awards. In parallel, some of the shows will be accompanied by talks, presentations and complementary activities, with some special sessions for schools too.

Theatre, circus arts, dance, film and much more

As an example, the programme for Barcelona Districte Cultural includes the following:

  • Nine theatre plays addressing topics such as migration, family relationships, war, love and memory.
  • Seven circus shows, by companies from home and abroad, for people of all ages.
  • Nine concerts in a wide variety of styles, such as electronic music, pop, rap, soul and punk.
  • Six dance shows.
  • The Petit Cineclub, with screenings of the animated films Tony, Shelly i la llanterna màgica, Yuku i la flor de l’Himàlaia and El viatge d’Ernest i Célestine.
  • Other family activities to enjoy, such as music and dance shows aimed at young children.

The full programme is available on the Barcelona Districte Cultural website. Tickets are free and can now be booked.

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