Assisted bathing service now in operation

Assisted bathing points are located at the Sant Miquel and Nova Icària beaches and at the bathing zone in the Fòrum. The service provides technical staff who help users into the water, along with areas for users to relax in and two adapted changing-room modules.

30/06/2023 17:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Equipment used by the service includes amphibious seats, floats, lifejackets, crutches and hydraulic seats at the bathing zone in the Fòrum, plus a total of 9 members of staff qualified to help people bathe.

The general hours of service will be from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm until 11 September, and until 6.30 pm from 12 to 25 September.

Last season saw a total of 7,817 people use the assisted bathing points, which provided support for bathers on almost 40,000 occasions.

Accessibility measures at the beaches

Besides bathing support points, the city’s beaches feature accessibility measures to enable everybody to enjoy them. These include reserved parking for people with some sort of mobility limitation, accessible routes, adapted toilets, wooden walkways to get as close to the water as possible and visual and tactile information.


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