Package of projects approved to improve environmental quality and mobility

Approval has been given to a package of projects to improve environmental quality and mobility to tackle the climate crisis. The projects put the city in the frame to receive 125 million euros in European funding, specifically from the 2021 call by the Ministry for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

21/09/2021 15:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The subsidy plan is geared towards action relating to the implementation of the low emissions zone, the digital and sustainable transformation of public transport and the promotion of healthy mobility, the transformation of public transport vehicle fleets towards non-polluting models and the digitalisation of traffic management.

The city has been addressing these questions for years, to put people’s health at the centre. Projects for mobility and the transformation of public space which meet the requisites of the subsidy call include the superblocks initiative the low emission zone (LEZ), the project to connect the two tram systems along Av. Diagonal, the Ciutat 30 initiative, the bike lane infrastructure, the purchase of electric buses, the installation of escalators and the transformation of Av. Meridiana.

Taking into account how these projects fit in with the subsidy call, the Government Commission has approved the request for 125 million euros in subsidies. This is the first package of subsidies which the city is applying for, with further work to be done to apply with other projects in other calls.