Plan to help the restaurant sector go digital and become more sustainable

The Strategy and Action Plan for Restaurants in Barcelona 2021-2024 sets out six goals to help the sector maintain its standing as an identifying characteristic of the city, by driving the economic recovery, boosting economic, social and environmental sustainability and positioning Barcelona as a leader in gastronomy.

24/08/2022 10:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With a budget of 2.5 million euros, the plan also has 25 measures to support the restaurant sector after the pandemic, including:

  • More support for a one-stop shop to make the restaurant sector a point of reference for professionals, their projects and related procedures.
  • Subsidies and funding to drive innovation and sustainability and for restaurant owners to make investments and pursue digital transformation. The idea is also to introduce the restaurant sector into existing subsidy calls.
  • Creation of personalised digitalisation plans.
  • Development of a training programme to match the needs of the sector and the creation of a school for restaurant guild professions.
  • Introduction of sustainability into entrepreneurial activities, with the participation of Barcelona Activa, plus tools and projects for restaurateurs on the main environmental considerations, such as the reduction of food waste.
  • Promotion of restaurant activity at municipal markets, facilitating and stimulating fresh seasonal produce.
  • Inclusion of gastronomy as one of the main areas for tourist promotion, achieving greater visibility for high class cuisine.

Another plan is for the creation of specific groups to work in areas which facilitate communication between the sector and the City Council. The strategy has been created with the collaboration of sectoral organisations such as CETT, ESHOB, the Gremi de Restauració, the Associació Barcelona Restaurantes Sostenibles, Slow Food Barcelona, Marcas de Restauración, the Fundació Alícia, Odela, BCD, CCOO Hostaleria, UGT Hostaleria and Inèdit.

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