Work gets under way on the new rainwater collection tank in Carrer Vila i Vilà

A new rainwater collection tank is to be built over the next three years in C/ Vila i Vilà, from Pl. Bella Dorita to C/ Palaudàries, to improve the drainage system for Av. Paral·lel and the entire lower section of Poble-sec. The street will be closed in sections during the various stages of the work, firstly to construct underground columns and containing walls and divert the existing pipes, and then to build the new tank. The overall budget for the work is 15.2 million euros.

16/11/2023 12:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new tank provides continuity for the section built in Av. Paral·lel in 2014 and in the final part of C/ Vila i Vilà in 2020. It will be built on the Llobregat or Montjuïc side of the street, in parallel to the existing section, which must first be protected with a containing wall. Next to this wall, and above the existing tank, will go the ducts for water, electricity and gas, detected in the exploration made in 2019. Once the local sewerage is reconstructed, the space will need to be filled in using excavated earth and leaving room for the machinery that will execute the containing columns next to the buildings. Firstly, services will be moved and the containing columns executed in the entire section in question, starting in Palaudàries and moving on to Pl. Bella Dorita. Once this work is done, work will move back to the starting point to begin the excavation and construction of the new tank.

The first stage of this process will last until 20 January 2024 and consists of diverting the existing channels where the new tank is to be built and building the underground containing columns next to the buildings, between C/ Palaudàries and C/ Mata. Those in charge of the work will install auscultation prism in the façades of the adjacent buildings to monitor any possible structural movements.

The work in this first stage will occupy one and a half lanes of traffic and parking for these two months, along with part of the pavement on the side nearest Montjuïc, in the section between Palaudàries and Mata. To keep one traffic lane open, the row of parking and services on the Paral·lel side will also be out of use and instead used to divert the descending traffic from C/ Vila i Vilà. No disruptions are envisaged for the road surfaces in Palaudàries or Mata, but pedestrian crossings in Vila i Vilà and at the ends of this section will be closed and pedestrians diverted towards the other sides of the junctions with Palaudàires and Mata. The 121 bus-stop will be moved to the previous section of C/ Vila i Vilà, between Cabanes and Mata, and occupy one of the Bicing parking modules.

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