Nearly 3,000 works to improve public space in all neighbourhoods

Transformation, renewal and maintenance work in the city’s 73 neighbourhoods as part of the most ambitious comprehensive maintenance plan in the last fifteen years. With an investment of 435 million euros, the plan includes improvements in all areas to boost the quality and excellence of public space. Each area has prioritised projects and will work closely with municipal areas to put the neighbourhoods at the centre.

15/03/2024 15:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Nearly 3,000 works are planned, including citywide projects such as the renovation of fences, signage, the spatial organisation of specific pavements and surfaces by neighbourhood, children’s play areas, watering systems, improvements to dog recreation areas and the renewal of sports facilities in parks and gardens.

The works also include improvements to sewerage, the groundwater network, drinking springs and ornamental fountains, lighting, stairs and lifts, road structures, traffic lights, the stabilisation of slopes and other projects linked to improving access in public space.

Between now and 2028, some 12% of parks and gardens will be renewed, as will a total of 200 facilities such as children’s play areas, dog recreation areas and sport circuits, plus 620,000 m2 of surfaces, 35% of horizontal signage, 56% of lifts and 24% of escalators, 3,500 streetlights and 4,500 traffic lights.

A plan with a territorial perspective

The districts will directly manage 180 million euros, organising and grouping together work by territory to minimise the impact.

  • The district of Ciutat Vella has prioritised work to consolidate and build on the positive impact for public space from the revamp to main streets under way in the district, such as La Rambla, Plaça Vila de Madrid and C/ Arc del Teatre.
  • In the district of L’Eixample work has been defined off the back of an audit that detected the pavements with the most shortcomings, particularly in C/ Diputació and the neighbourhoods of Sagrada Família and Fort Pienc.
  • In the district of Sants-Montjuïc priority will go to work responding to long-standing demands from local people, such as the transformation of the Turó de la Font de la Guatlla, improvements to lighting and shifting power lines below ground.
  • In the district of Les Corts priority will go to work on surfaces in Av. Diagonal at the junctions with C/ Doctor Marañón, Plaça Pius XII, C/ Martí Franquès, C/ Numància, Plaça Maria Cristina and the side lane nearest the sea between C/ Entença and Plaça Francesc Macià.
  • In the district of Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, notable actions include shifting power lines below ground in the neighbourhoods of Tres Torres, Vallvidrera and Peu del Funicular.
  • In the district of Gràcia work will be geared towards improving the quality of public space and mobility, including paving in Plaça Lesseps, renewing the Jardinets de Gràcia and improving the bike connection between Vila de Gràcia and L’Eixample.
  • In the district of Horta-Guinardó priority will be given to the work to improve accessibility in public space, such as the installation of ramps and lifts in C/ Poesia, C/ Natzaret and C/ Idumea.
  • In the district of Nou Barris, covering a large part of the mountain neighbourhoods, the focus will be on renewing stairs and lifts, improving mobility for local people in a district with significant slopes and differences in levels, particularly in neighbourhoods such as Ciutat Meridiana and Les Roquetes.
  • In the district of Sant Andreu work will centre on large projects in spaces near children’s play areas and spaces with trees, for instance in C/ Joan Torres, the Parc de la Maquinista/Barcelonesa, Trinxant/Juan de Garay, Plaça de la Primavera, Can Portabella and the entrance to the Parc de la Trinitat.
  • In the district of Sant Martí priority will go to projects such as the enlargement and improvement of children’s play areas in Plaça del Maresme, as well as the maintenance of different squares in the neighbourhood of La Pau. The emphasis will also be on the comprehensive renovation and traffic calming of C/ Taulat and the reconfiguration of the squares than link C/ Freser, C/ Heroïnes de Girona and C/ Sant Josep de Calassanç.


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