Agreement renewed with Aigües de Barcelona to tackle energy poverty

The renewal of the protocol with Aigües de Barcelona to tackle the energy poverty emergency provides continuity for the deal signed in 2018 and the collaboration which began in 2012 with the agreement on applying the Solidarity Fund in the municipality. The goal is to set out the procedure for guaranteeing the supply of water to those unable to pay for it.

30/10/2023 16:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The document establishes that in cases of unpaid bills, the company must ask Barcelona City Council’s Social Services for a report assessing the situation of residential exclusion, to guarantee water for those who need it.

The company cannot cut off a water supply if the report from Social Services shows that the person or family in question are vulnerable (the circumstances and parameters are established in Act 24/2015).

Aigües de Barcelona undertakes to formalise a contract for supplying water to families without rights over the uses of a home, and if the City Council so requests, to guarantee they have access to the basic water service.

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