Shall we save you a place at bars and restaurants?

The campaign ‘Barcelona, guarda’m lloc’ (Barcelona, save me a place) has been produced in conjunction with the city’s restaurant guild and encourages city people to regain bars and restaurants as places to meet and socialise in, now that the situation with the pandemic allows for it. The campaign consists of three ads featuring the actor David Verdaguer, with other well-known faces from the world of cinema, theatre and television also making appearances.

01/06/2021 16:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first of the three ads sees Verdaguer accompanied by the actresses Yolanda Ramos and Melanie Olivares and the actor David Solans. In addition, thirteen former councillors from different municipal political groups appear in the restaurant Pez Vela, along with the former mayors Joan Clos and Xavier Trias.

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