Tax breaks for reducing or eliminating single-use plastics

Establishments, business activities and professionals applying measures to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics will enjoy a 10% discount in public prices. This tax benefit will be included in municipal by-laws as from 2023. The measure forms part of the Barcelona Zero Plastic Commitment by Barcelona City Council, backed by over 200 organisations in the city.

25/11/2022 15:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Who can benefit from this tax break?

  • Shops selling food, cleaning and personal hygiene products and offering at least a third of their products in bulk or in reusable packaging.
  • Establishments selling fresh produce in reusable packaging or which accept reusable packaging which customers bring with them.
  • Bars and restaurants complying with one of these three requisites: offering a third of takeaway drinks in reusable or returnable cups; serving a third of drinks for consumption on the premises with cups that can be returned or reused by the establishment or the providers; offering customers doggy bags in reusable or returnable packaging.
  • Hotel establishments offering products in dispensers or reusable packaging and which do not use single-dose packaging. If they have a restaurant service, they need to satisfy one of the three previous requisites for bars and restaurants.
  • Takeaway food establishments offering ready-made dishes in reusable and returnable packaging or which accept packaging which customers bring with them.
  • Non-food establishments and services which do not use single-use plastics.
  • Homes for the elderly and nursery schools which use at least a third of reusable nappies.
  • Establishments which apply other important measures to reduce or eliminate plastics on their premises.


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