A record budget for a demanding situation

The municipal budget project for 2022 again represents a record figure to address a complex moment for the city. The municipal accounts are set to increase by 4.7%, rising to an overall total of 3,406 million euros. Investment and social spending are to be increased to drive the economic recovery, promote a more competitive and sustainable economic model and ease the situation of the most vulnerable groups.

20/09/2021 16:18 h

Daniel Guillen

More income

The prevision is for an additional 180.9 million euros to be available, some 6.2% more than the current fiscal year, mainly from special contributions from the Spanish state, with deadweight loss and the Next Generation funds from the EU.

More social spending

Current expenditure is set to reach a record figure of 2,529.5 million euros (+3.8%), with growth in all ordinary budgetary items, plus two extraordinary ones: the new cleaning and waste collection contract, which grows by 32 million euros to reach 290.6 million, and transfers to the metropolitan transport authority to fund public transport, which will be 179.2 million euros, some 28.5 million more.

An additional 15 million euros in funding will go to the Municipal Institute for Social Services (IMSS), which will be able to continue to tackle the costs of covering Covid-19 with a budget of 203.4 million euros.

More investment

Overall investment is set to reach 903.1 million euros, which includes the 150 million to be invested through the Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) and Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM). The priorities are the construction of more social housing, the transformation of public space to make it more pleasant and combat the climate emergency, and the transformation of the Olympic Port.

Municipal solvency and more permissive European criteria on municipal finances make it possible to safely increase debt by 100 million euros and run up deficit.


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