Racism and xenophobia remain the main reasons for discrimination in Barcelona

2022 saw 631 situations of discrimination in the city reported, up by 20% on the previous year, according to the Discrimination Observatory’s report. Racism, xenophobia and LGBTI-phobia remain, a year on, the main reasons for discrimination, with almost 50% of the situations reported. The number of cases of discrimination on the grounds of health - mental health in particular - has tripled.

02/08/2023 12:53 h

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Racism and xenophobia are still the main reasons for discrimination, for the fifth year running, with 185 reported cases, followed by LGBTI-phobia, with 129 cases, and health, with 120 cases. The continuing reasons for discrimination mentioned are language (90), aporophobia (82), disability (68), gender (51), religion (19), ideology (17) and age (6).

LGBTI-phobia figures are much the same as those for previous years

2022 saw a total of 129 LGBTI-phobia reported cases: 85 relating to sexual orientation and 31 against transsexuals, 9 fewer than in the previous year. 33% of the cases had to do with verbal assaults and over 30% with physical assaults. 67% of the situations arose in public spaces, caused by individuals (91 cases).

More discrimination on the grounds of health

As for discrimination on the grounds of health, the number of cases tripled, reaching 120, relating above all to mental health (70) and HIV diagnoses (31).

A higher number of coercive practices in mental healthcare, such as involuntary admissions, verbal coercion and regular situations of exclusion. Most of these cases of discrimination occurred in Public administration (59) — in hospitals, public help and information offices and courts—, followed by private organisations (43) and individuals (19).

The Discrimination Observatory, by the side of the most vulnerable groups

The Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) offers information, advice, support, counselling, training and awareness-raising services to safeguard human rights at the local level. 2022 saw the OND and the SAVD Board’s organisations provide 1,091 support and accompaniment services for victims and lodge a total of 130 complaints.

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